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Welcome to my art gallery.

This gallery is a collection of sample works that I have done for myself and others. 

Sample Illustrations

Every image has a story to tell. I like making the story detailed so viewers find more reasons to look again.


Sample Logos

These logos are both samples of cool ideas and logos that are in commercial use today. 

Logos should be simple, catchy and colorful. I work with clients until we get that unique look for their business.

Flier Samples

I can do fliers, ads, invites, and I even have a sample menu.

Some were done for a client.

With marketing materials, I get to mix all the art skills I have to get the right message out there. Challenging and exciting.  

Coins and Medals

I learned about geocaching by getting a job as a coin and medal designer. These are just a few examples of the coins and medals that are out there. Who knows, you might find one some day. 

Graphic Art Samples

The graphic art category covers the fun ideas I have that are not quite illustrations or logos. They let me explore different looks and styles.  

If you liked the samples here and want to contact me for art work, please go to my                      and tell me all about your project. Invitations, fliers, media graphics, logos, and illustrations, I can do it. 

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